Chelsea FC: Thomas With The Midas Tuch


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If there's any justice in the world, this guy should be in prison.

He is right. The knee thing is nothing but an empty gesture that will make a few celebrities and millionaires feel good about themselves now. Do you want Toney to be in prison aswell?


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Marcos Alonso hit and killed a woman with his car while under the influence of alcohol and escaped jail. That's what I was referring to.

Yes and he tried to crack Bellerins skull. The man is filth but in this case he is right. Toney is a better reference though.


AM's drunk uncle, looking for excuses 🤥
Nobody should be forced to make political statements or feel afraid of backlash if they choose not to.

Alonso should be in prison, but it's the fault of the corrupt law that he's not.



This is @OnlyOne's manager you know


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