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Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by FreddieLjungberg, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Just curius how is it possible that City all the time (each year) can spend so much more € then Arsenal?
    Is it just because of the owners or what??

    City buy whatever they want every year and spend 3-4 times as much maybe more each year, do they make the ffp or does that even exist nowdays?
    Arsenal struggles to just keep our best players and City can afford to buy whatever..

    Anyone who have knowledge of how much each clubs earnings and spendings?
    The total wages of each club would also be nice to findout, anyone?
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    From everything I've seen FFP is essentially dead. There may be the odd case where a team is fined but the essence of what it originally set out to be is no more.

    One of the major ways it seems teams like City and PSG do seem to get around any rules though is massively inflated commercial deals. PSG were done for this. Their owners sort out inflated deals with companies worth more than they probably should be.

    City announced a £350m, 10-year deal with Etihad Airways, PSG have a deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority which can earn up to €200m-a-year. I haven't seen any figures for the past season but the season before, PSG had the highest commercial revenue of any European club. United were at £168 million per-year in commercial revenue and PSG somehow were listed at £243 million per-year. Most of the commercial deals probably don't represent anything close to their true value.

    Plus you have Milan who are now looking to get a "grace period" from any potential FFP regulations to accommodate their new owners spending.
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    so sad that the sport is going this way with all this crazy steroid sponsordeals, they are destroying the sport.

    What are we going towards?
    The players will never be satisfied as long as theese clubs keep on offering these insanse wages..
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    Google 'The Swiss Ramble' and he gives a lay man's version of club accounts so you can see where the money comes and goes.

    In a nutshell, Chelsea and City have owners that put their hands in very deep pockets via a holding company, and United are happy to rack up huge debts. In terms of spending power we are behind those but passed Liverpool last year. Go back a few years and we were very much a selling club.

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