CL Draw.. Arsenal Face Celta De Vigo !

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by OoDy, Dec 12, 2003.

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    Arsène WENGER is keen on renewing acquaintances with former Arsenal left-back Silvinho after the Gunners drew Celta Vigo in the Champions League knock-out phase.

    But as the draw in Nyon also opened up the path to glory for Chelsea and Manchester United who face Stuttgart and Porto respectively, the Highbury chief admitted he will not be asking customs officials to study the Brazilian's passport.

    Silvinho was sold to Celta two years ago after doubts were raised over the authenticity of his EU passport, with Wenger justifying the move by the emergence of Ashley Cole.

    The defender is now playing under Brazilian rather than Portuguese papers and Wenger joked: "He always travelled with us and had no problems. If there was something wrong with his passport they didn't spot it because they let him through and stopped Edu!"

    Wenger was happy with his side's draw, adding: "It's achievable for us. We need to go there and be positive in the first game

    Source: The Mirror
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    The media really are laughable sometimes. This article is entitled "Wenger's Silvinho Welcome" but all he does is joke about his passport... I didn't know that's how you welcome people. :roll:
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