CL: Real Madrid vs Arsenal/AFC vs RM | 21/02/06 & 08/03/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by kent_gunner, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. marco

    marco New Member Trusted

    the emotion at full time was out of this world!

    All you ever hear about is the great northern atmosphere etc which is bullshit anyway but anyone at highbury last night knows that they saw and experienced something special
  2. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

    Are you actually spanish? :wink:

    (By the way i'm not)
  3. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

    Was it one of the best atmospheres you've heard at Highbury?

    Was it like the 1980s when everywhere was fantastic, north or south?

    By the way, being Northern doesn't make you intrinsically more passionate or louder, that's bollocks as you say marco. I saw people going mental in the clock end (I think). I hope it will be like that on Sunday.
  4. AFC no1.

    AFC no1. New Member

    sorry im new to this but i have been reading these posts for a few months so bare with me if somebody has already said this but when baptista came on did everybody at highbury sing "you will never play for arsenal" if they did classic :?:
  5. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

    Yes they did. I doubt that he understood the crowd though.
  6. AFC no1.

    AFC no1. New Member

    thanks but it was hilarious i have to admit maybe if the crowd booed him everytime he touched the ball that would of got through to his thick head lol. he looks built or is that just fat close competition between him and ronaldo :lol:
  7. ™}}T£M0o$£{{™

    ™}}T£M0o$£{{™ New Member

    can some one tell me when the next champions league match is?
  8. scruzgooner

    scruzgooner New Member

    what a game!!! :clap

    our lads played some serious footy last night. well-oiled wouldn't really describe it, as there were mistakes and fluffed lines on both sides. but it was "club football" at the highest level, in the sense that these are clubs of men playing a game they love, at root because they love it. and that was clear in the game, and in the interactions of the players on the pitch in and after the game (for the most part; roberto carlos is an excellent defender, but showed himself to be the biggest dick on the field :evil:); conversely, raul showed he's a gentleman and actually cares if he has hurt someone, a pro's pro, as well as being a hell of a footballer :respect).

    i like where this arsenal team shows their strength. the defense was excellent, and the midfield held the ball well, and got stuck in regularly. hleb was just a dynamo, as was reyes; i sure wish reyes would stay on his bloody feet, though. bert was strong, and freddie had some great moments.

    oddly enough, the back line was *solid* even though it only contained one first team regular (kolo), and one makeshift left back (flamini). we're potentially *better* on the back line, though not as experienced, with eboue, toure, senderos, and flamini, rather than lauren, toure, campbell, and cole. flamini seems to be tougher than cole, and is making the position something of his own. can he be wenger's next conversion from a midfielder to an ace defender (see cole and toure)? eboue is like a young lauren, needing some work on where to be when, but strong, skilled on the ball, and tough as nails. and phil is learning that one bad game does not mark him as a player, and recovered well from the one fluff (when he tried to clear a beckham volley from ten feet in front of goal, miskicked it, and nearly sent it into the goal :shock:) he had during the game. otherwise he was a rock.

    maybe this is the new defensive legacy of the gunners, all young and ready to mold into a back four over the next decade? adams, dixon, bould, and winterbottom....here we come again?

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