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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Webdesignlab, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member


    - we failed in a bid for Alonso at the 11th hour that should have been 3 weeks ago
    - we are stuck with Eboue and Diaby and an inexperienced Denhilson in MF
    - we are not going to win the PL
    - we are not going to win the CL
    - we will struggle to win the CC or the FA cup.
    - we are still lacking in AM options if as usual injuries rule our luck..
    - Cesc will be leaving next year 90% chance
    - The Spuds are showing much more gumption in the transfer market again.

    BUT, we are Arsenal fans and that is that. It's a tough effin' season, but I am here 100% for the guys. What is done is done.

    4th with a struggle will do for me I guess. I love the Arsenal and will follow them to the bitter end.

    We can all debate the Wenger years, but fact is come the 13th with the ugly Rovers, I will be gunning for our lads.

    As Apu would say ... "Thank you, come again"
  2. banduan

    banduan New Member

    Lets check this thread again when we win the league.
  3. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    It's not about winning anything or not. It is about getting behind the guys.

    Even Eboue.
  4. Seabass

    Seabass New Member

    I'm all for the spirit of this thread. We do need to get behind the team regardless of what may come.

    However, I don't feel that we need to forget about winning anything. Things looked bad at the beginning of last season too, but look at the run we had. You never know which player will step up in a season, and if any of our partners for Cesc can stay healthy and put in some good performances, then we'll have a team that's more than capable of winning trophies.

    Also, from a pure footballing standpoint, it's impossible to predict how the lack of a true defensive midfielder will affect us. It will probably mean more pressure on our defence, but it could also mean that teams open up more against us and allow us more opportunities on the break. With a lineup including Cesc, Nasri, and Walcott, we might see 0-0's and 1-1's turn into 3-1's and 4-2's. Just think back to the days of Henry, Vieira, and Pires. We looked absolutely frightening on the counter-attack in those days, and I won't be surprised if we start to see a bit more of that this season.

    At any rate, I'm certainly not giving up on this team in any way. I know there are cynics out there who believe the season is already over, but let's give the boys a chance to show us what they can do before we rule them out.
  5. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

    Go Eboue the pass-master! Yeah! Y-y-yeah...

    *breaks down crying*

    i'd better go...
  6. DC Gunner

    DC Gunner New Member

    I recognize the intent of the thread so I am not going to be a spoilsport, I am behind the team all the way.
  7. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    <a class="postlink" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_OVlrZXstk" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_OVlrZXstk</a>
  8. Rohit

    Rohit New Member Elite

    A good attempt at a thread but it could have been made without making these points.
  9. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Oh come on Rohit & DC bury the hatchet, And I call on Lancelot, J'nuh, Stiiphunn, Law, Ricky1985, MDGoonah, Dez, Morpho and the rest of the "In Wenger we trust" boys to do the same, the Arsenal Mania civil war is over.

    Football is a funny old game and anything can happen. And Webdesignlab has even omitted his most important point. With the imminent arrival of Man City as Chel$ki Mk 2 the ground has shifted from under us all, Heh heh If I was a Man U supporter I'd be sh!tty as hell. :wink: Clucking bell! imagine if they'd bought Spuds? :shock: but those f**kers will do well enough with their cash injection from the vulgar Bulgar.

    We need to put our petty doctrinal disputes behind us......

    Is there money for Wenger to spend?
    Should Wenger have spent and how much?
    Trust Wenger/no don't?
    Should we buy 1 DM or 1 CB or both & a goalkeeper?

    It's all become irrelevant as the transfer market will get warped out of shape. We Wenger Skeptics have to accept that we cannot hope to compete in the transfer market even if we wanted to now, so Wenger is off the hook as it were. And you Wenger loyalists must accept that we can now never win the title again under these conditions. This situation won't change unless we get a real injection of funds and Wenger accepts that he must spend.

    So lets all just relax and pull together and hope the boys can pull off a miracle and win one before we're surrounded on all sides by these financial leviathans, It may be the last chance we get for quite a while.
  10. jay-d

    jay-d Member

    As a critic, I also declare a truce and am 100% behind the team.
  11. Rohit

    Rohit New Member Elite

    Roger that Biggus!

    Like i said in my previous post, i agree with the idea of this thread.
  12. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Thats all right Gazza mate, let it out.....take one step at a time.

    That's the spirit fella's.
  13. GoonerAG

    GoonerAG New Member

    Getting behind the team is one thing, and disagreeing with the way the manager is sabotaging the team's chances, unintentionally of course and due to an absolute stubbornness and lack of foresight, is a completely different issue!!!

    I will also be backing the lads all the way when the game at Ewood arrives (although I am fearing another potential disaster ala Fulham); however, this does not divert my attention from the painfully true fact that Wenger has simply given all he can to the club now and should step aside and let a younger, more ambitious and fresher manager come in, who is willing to spend big money on reviving the team's fortunes.
  14. Lancelot

    Lancelot Well-Known Member Trusted


    *sneaks around the thread and sees if the war is truly over*

    *giggles at words like 'sabotage', ' lack of foresight'*

    *hones dagger in case of emergency*

    *hides the weapon*

    *shakes hands with everyone while smiling*

    Peace, lads. :)
  15. GoonerAG

    GoonerAG New Member

    My dear friend, playing a duly average goalkeeper whose top flight career began at 28 and someone of Eboue's quality (or lack of it) are sufficient in justifying the use of the word sabotaging!!!

    But as I said, I'm still Arsenal all the way, just not Wenger
  16. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    But GoonerAG the time for spending big money is past, its over. These bastards are talking about 100M! or whatever it takes for Ronaldinho, Torres, Fabregas, Henry, it's a different ball game now.
  17. Lancelot

    Lancelot Well-Known Member Trusted

    Just to make it clear, mate, that wasn't an attempt to provoke you; just that while Biggus was talking about the war being over, you and Webdesignlab, for example, still sniped at the capability of this squad and Wenger respectively.

    This is a ceasefire, nothing more, if I'm being honest...
  18. GoonerAG

    GoonerAG New Member

    Do you seriously think that Al-Fahim guy will really get Ronaldo for £135m? This is all talk mate, remember when Abramovich came to this country. Back then, we were all fascinated as much as scared of the potential Chelsea could reach with their spending!

    There's no doubt he's turned them into a force, but he was not responsible for our weakening. Someone tell me, why can't Wenger bid £16m for Alonso when he was prepared to pay £12m for him?

    If you forget about the technical facts about how the stadium's money works as well as TV revenue etc, let's look at the simple transfer dealings. We got £13m on Hleb, which was used on Nasri- that's fair enough! We then got a combined £5m for Gilberto and Hoyte and £8m from Bentley's sale to Sp**s! £13m there, surely enough to ensure bidding for someone of Alonso's calibre?
  19. GoonerAG

    GoonerAG New Member

    Haha I know you're not provoking me mate, I'm here just to have a laugh and discuss things without attacking a fan for their personal opinions, as I know is liable when things get heated on forums such as this!

    Peace :wink:
  20. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Relax Lance I haven't called all you blokes in here for a St Valentines day massacre :lol: I can only speak for myself though. :wink:

    Sorry Webdesign if I've hijacked your thread I believe I'm keeping in the spirit of it. I don't know if you have yet heard and understood the news about Man Ciy. Things have changed- a lot and very quickly! some people will need time to realise that.

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