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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by The Mini, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Are league form right now, I think is a cause for concern, we've only won once since the Inter game (the one worth remembering) and Henry hasn't scored for a month or so. Is there a change needed to be made?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    you damm right dude

    we need a RVN type striker
  3. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Not exactly, having people have a stab at Pires for 'diving' is bad enough, but when RVN does it, we know he is diving
  4. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    Form dips class is permanent, I hope the players have learned from the past
  5. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    I think this is possibly our 'bad' patch.

    We need to hold onto our wins and push harder for the second goal. The win against Blackburn was hardly convincing either.
  6. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    Traditionally, this is always a bad time, but we're still unbeaten and we need to step it up a gear for the January period
  7. kazu

    kazu New Member Elite

    yeah... hopefully the christmas break will do us good...

    is it just me or our central midfielders being outplayed coincides with our dip in form?
  8. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    There is no christmas break. Games come quick and fast at this time of year.

    We have a game on Friday 26th then a game on Monday 29th, then a FA cup game on the 4th of Jan, then a prem game on Jan 7, then another on Jan 10th. 5 games in two weeks is by no means a break.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    tough games comming up

    everton and saints away
  10. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    There has been no talk of WHY we have dipped for though.

    Fulham - should have won. Keeper had the game of his life.

    Leicester - lost a man, offensive options depleted from substitutions - freak goal

    Bolton - wing backs go on holiday while the rest of the team wait to play like "arsenal" - freak goal (very good too)

    Other than that - youth are doing well, other players have shown some good form and we're still Arsenal. Still being Arsenal means we're damn good. Amazing players - our defence are brilliant (two defnders yesterday against an amazing Bolton team - anything more to add?)

    We have supplemented our defensive options with our traditional offensive tactics with offensive defence work.

    What is on form? Isn't it subjective? We're in strong competition and Arsenal can still play as a team and still do.

    We're a point from the top - don't be scared, don't panic - it's just football.
  11. XxGoonaStuxX

    XxGoonaStuxX New Member

    Yup, I also think this is our "bad patch" most teams even the top teams have bad patches and this is ours. We have Wolves next in the premiership, I am thouroghly expecting us to beat them with ease.
    a) Its at Highbury
    b) Our youngsters beat a pretty much full strength Wolverhampton Premiership team.
    Due to these factors I am expecting our first team to comfortably beat them.
    If we beat them then I hope our form/luck will go up and we will go on a good run.
  12. slapz

    slapz New Member Trusted

    The problem is mainly what reggie says about our game with leics... we turn defensive too quickly
  13. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    We shouldn't be going through a 'bad' patch against these lesser sides.
  14. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    We anticipate January signings, we anticipate an increase in Wengerball form, and we hope that the desire/determination/fight is there in the final sprint.
  15. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    I don't think the premiership has very many lesser sides anymore. There are some very strong teams there that can show moments of genius very quickly. The premier league is classed as the toughest league in the world. Many say it's Spain but the top half are far better than the bottom half and I feel only Italy come close to us for difficult but we're still the strongest.

    Just watch - things will turn around. Everyone has a tough time and has freak games but this is football after all and sometimes it's difficult to explain things when you EXPECT your team to be invincible but it's not a matter of players but how a team reacts to another team. If another team are having a better time bonding and playing together they will beat us during a weaker patch where we would be depleted be it fixture, squad or club problems.

    ...and saying that I think the whole form situation can be encompassed in one reason.

    We have four cups to fight for.

    That in itself with our problems with selection (like teeny bopper choices) oh please choose Kolo, oh please choose Parlour - I love him so much)) can add to difficulties on who to develop and who to leave out. It's tough.

  16. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    That is very true. When Man Utd score, they do not take off a striker and bring on a defensive midfielder. They go for another goal and have enough confidence to get this and keep out goals at the back. This is what we have yet to develop. Often, I think it would be more beneficial if we took off Gilberto and brought on Parlour/Edu when we go 1-0 up in the second half, just to freshen things up and get that bite in midfield for the last 20 minutes. Taking off Bergkamp, although he is old , has its disadvantages- he can find passes in the latter stages of the game when it is stretched.

    Hopefully, we will win against Wolves and then go to Southampton in a positive frame of mind. Their defence is the best in the league outside the top 3 teams so they will not be easy to beat. If we take 3 points from those two games, we can go into the New Year with renewed confidence and vigour.
  17. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    I've notices manchester united make a kind of arch around the other team with a couple of defenders moving forward blocking from the back but staying back.

    We on the other hand are more like pushing forward in a line instead of penetrating in different areas like manchester united do. WE have also supplemented our offensive options with a midfield player but Parlour isn't the answer, since he is too committed to being defensive in games. Wiltord is better for this or even Edu or Kanu.

    We need some hole player. Most lesser teams strive on a player who can play well in the hole as well. We need someone like that too but with pace like other teams have.

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