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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by lewdikris, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Kyla - Pires has been outstanding in the last two games. I have been one of the most sceptical about him, but even my eyes are turning.+
  2. Kyla

    Kyla New Member

    Ads- you gotta admit though- even though his game has notched up a level this season during 2001/02 he was in "Zidane mode"- he was scintillating and inspired.
  3. neebz

    neebz New Member

    me strange?

    why ?


    Pires should be in the central midfield. His first touch in the goals against Birmingham and Lokomotiv Moscow were damn lovelyyyyyy !!!!

    and ofkourse the runs he was having yesterday against Blackburn were terrific too.

    I just got this report from Pinkfootball.com that Wiltord is gonna leave on free transfer. I am still in full support that he should be staying in Highbury. We just have to be patient. And after a few juggles by the gaffer, Wiltord might be able to show his real worth as well.
    Everything is going well , we are winning, dramatic comebacks in CL, top spot in EPL, dats why we feel Wiltord to be an extra but one should be keeping eye on crisis situation as well.

    and God bless me, i aint strange !
    Adam :(

  4. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    I'd say the end product in terms of assists is not up there. And the dribbling amount is still not there(he was our highest dribbler that season).

    But suprise suprise - Thierry adopted his mantle!

    Pires is not as influential as he was, but he still has the same ability (which is important because part of the reason is that Thierry has taken over some of his roles). We are seeing Pires with the ability to thread balls, dribble and score goals. But
    in some ways you could say Thierry is not allowing him to be the player he was.

    Another thing.....

    We are just not seeing what also made him extra special in that season.... Aggression.
  5. Kyla

    Kyla New Member

    The old Pires is the reason why we are able to watch the football Arsenal play today and he's indirectly responsible for moulding Henry into the complete player he is now. I'll always adore him for that- 01/02 he was instrumental in thredding balls through, running past players at will, picking out teammates both on the floor and off it. I don't think he has laid off as much balls as he would like this season, but his role is slighly different now- of course he has a special network with Henry down that left hand side but he's making more runs into the box and scoring more freely- it used to be his job to set ppl up but now its sort of vice-versa.

    I would love Pires to run the show the way he REALLY used to- which would mean less goals and more assists. I think we would then find more goalscorers and creators than Henry.
  6. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Yes, it would help compensate for the lack of a natural box player because Henry would perhaps advance himself like he does for France.

    Pires hasn't really made many assists off the end of a deep dribble - which i personally used to love. And i used to admire the way he rolled his foot over the ball on the left touch line then cut inside at a moment with pace. He never lost the ball because he was aggressive and he was always relieving pressure from the defence.

    He had alot more confidence in his pace aswell.
  7. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    Give Bobby 5 more games at this standard, and he'll be back to his best, no question. It's a confidence thang. He hasn't lost it, there's still two top seasons in him left after this one.
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