Dani Ceballos: Time To Saybyeos?


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Real Madrid really f*cked us here.

We wanted to wait another two weeks to make it official and Real Madrid is just posting a "Comunicado Oficial" out of nowhere.


It's Not Lupus
Good thing is he shouldn't need any time to settle. Expecting even more from him this season considering how well he ended the last one.


King of Twitter Rumours
I'm very glad he back was joy ti watch since the restart i hope he continues good form i predict his 2nd season here is going to be even better


Emery Gone, Telly Back On
Another terrible presentation btw. Didn't need to do much since we know him already but come on. This and Gabriel contenders for the worst presentations of the summer.

Where's that petition to sack that fat piece of sh!t admin. Imma sign it right now.

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