Dani Ceballos: Time To Saybyeos?


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Complete meltdown after about half an hour or so.

A few nice turns and progressive passes doesn't absolve the fact that - outside of the 2 errors - he slows down our play massively by taking too many touches.

I've never been fooled by his purple patches. He had his chance here, let him go back to Madrid and sort it out from there. We need to move away from Ceballos.


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Diabolical mistakes aside he was alright
Having said that those were still diabolical mistakes & he should be slated for that

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Hopefully that's him done here. I don't want him abused but I hope it becomes clear to him that the fans won't be singing his name. I have no desire to see him in our shirt ever again. Bye Dani.


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He’s not a CB ffs. It was a silly error. He was never the messiah, but tonight he was just a silly boy.


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Ceballos was the player producing the most positive stuff in the first half; creating or heavily involed in all our attacking movements and defensively working hard. However Ceballos was responsible for giving away the free kick that lead to their first and what a total **** up by him for their second.


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Dani’s errors yesterday probably can be put alongside Leno’s red card at Wolves and Alisson going all wobbly for Liverpool against City. By themselves they can be taken as one-offs without any general pattern prior, but will still not be forgotten if similar happens in the future. I’m not big on making Ceballos a permanent transfer though, have made no secret that I would prefer the money spent on Bissouma instead.


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I always thought he played too deep for his skillset. He was never a popular player, makes that mistake so it was always going to go into overdrive.

I think most young midfielders Arsenal sign will end up looking like him over time anyways, was never really mad at him.

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