Dani Ceballos: Time To Saybyeos?


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Still think it’s a very good footballer. I think there is a place for him in the squad, if not the team. He’d obviously opt to play every week though and I don’t think we could guarantee him that. I don’t think Madrid ‘s valuation of him will be very high at the end of the season, so it could get interesting. The most likely turn out is he goes back to a Spanish club.


He has been at the club almost two years now without doing much, other than occasionally having a good stint in a couple of games. Too slow on the ball and does not have any standout attributes. Its a shame really, because I thought he was going to be great for us, after the performance in his debut game


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Can’t see anything other than him returning to Madrid and getting shipped out again.


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Would be absolutely hilarious and typical of AM if this guy becomes a part of Madrid's midfield.

I don't see that happening under Zidane though, he's another experience merchant who kinda slowed down the transition to a younger Madrid.


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The fact that Elneny has started more league games than have should be enough to say we won’t be going ahead with a permanent deal.

Shame he could never really hold onto that form at the end of last season. Could do what Xhaka was while stilling being composed under the press.


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He'll be another Madrid player who floats through the likes of Getafe, Betis, Espanyol, etc over the years. I know Real are in a bad state at the minute by their high standards but there's no way it's bad enough that Ceballos has a future there, I mean he can't even get into our side.


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Man comes on a literally makes gives the ball away twice needlessly and the 2nd of which leads to a goal. Absolute shambles of a player. In the end I'm always proven right. Look I know yous hate it but here we are yet again. Maybe less time disrespecting me and more time learning from me and your minds will expand too.


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Think if he going to play get him higher up. Thought he actually did quite well when pushed forwards with Xhaka and Elneny behind him. He’s got this really terrible habit of dropping right onto his CB’s when things get tough and my god he is slow. Don’t want at all

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