Dani Ceballos

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For whatever reason Arteta doesn't seem keen on him so it suits all parties to get him a loan elsewhere. Saves us money and allows him to get games ahead of the euros.

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You like a player so much you don’t use him? Yeah that makes sense. Especially a player you have a chance of buying.

Just speculating here. Arteta has more information. There is a reason he is not using him. Maybe its injury still affecting him? Maybe Ceballos has told Arteta he don't see him self signing for us next summer?


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Like our whole Squad expect of Auba and Leno. Would like to See at least one Game from Ceballos under Arteta.
If he impresses in training I’m sure Arteta will pick him. I’ll guess he’ll start against Bournemouth as we have to rotate abit.


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He didn't seem to have any issues with effort before he got injured, he seemed to gas out quickly and the quality of his play ranged between sublime and sub par but the effort always looked like it was there, to me it just seems as though we are managing him back from injury, be surprised if he didnt get some good game time in the EL in the second half of the season.


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It’s not even that deep tbh Arteta has admitted he’s only just got back into training and hasn’t seen much of him. Arteta has no reason to lie and has been pretty straight talking and upfront so far.

This guy has done nothing to deserve a start and will inevitably end up at random relegation fodder in la liga once Madrid remember he’s on the books anyways. I could not shrug any harder than I am currently at the thought of this guy leaving.
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