Daniel Ek To Make Second Takeover Bid

Is The KroenkeOut 🛩️ going to work?

  • Yes

    Votes: 44 25.3%
  • No

    Votes: 69 39.7%
  • Don’t know Jeff

    Votes: 61 35.1%

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It’s a nothing story.
Not necessarily. It's not a coincidence that Eke is quoting a figure of 1.8B. He didn't pull that number out of his hat. It's true that just because they were willing to sell 2 years ago does not mean they're willing to sell now, but It's an indication that their so called commitment is not as steadfast as the Kroenkes would have us believe.


Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so.
It looks like The Daily Mail is just running with the fact that we quoted consortiums with a figure the past two years that we would be up for sale now.
The most important bit of the article:
And word on the international investment circuit is that Arsenal have effectively been on the market — for about two years.
The journalist is supposedly reliable from what I've seen on twitter


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Feel this will only be done, if we beat United in the Europa final.

Hearing Danny boy will only link Spotify up with a football club that plays Champions League football.


Why so serieuse?
So if we get knocked out of the ESL that hits our valuation by around 100m right, making Eks offer more attractive. Kinda the silver lining for the match.

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