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Is The KroenkeOut 🛩️ going to work?

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    Votes: 44 25.0%
  • No

    Votes: 69 39.2%
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With Chelsea pulling out of TSL, others will surely follow and it’ll fall on its arse.

How does old Moustache survive this? His dream up in smoke, riots in London, will he sell up finally?


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So he's been here for 15 years secretly working towards this, only to leave after a 2 day ESL fiasco? Feels like wishful thinking sadly.
Not the whole time, but he hasn't invested at all since they dropped out of the CL and based on old Gazidis quotes going around this has been in the pipeline since 2018.


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They'll ban new foreign ownership and Mike Ashley will get us for 60m then in 6 months time they'll change their mind and the Saudis will buy Newcastle

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He's gone, that's for sure.

As selfish as the ESL was, it would have equalised the game a great deal, albeit fast tracking us without much merit.

The status quo is likely to remain with UEFA and FIFA. Minor reforms perhaps to give it some veneer of credibility, but we will be chasing the game for the foreseeable future.


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If the Super League was the endgame for Stan then let's hope he ****s off now that it's dead in the water. The magic money tree of the ESL isn't going to happen. Best to get out now Stan.


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Sadly, I do not think this will make one iota of difference. It would take a massive bid to shift him. I still think we are an attractive club to a potential investor, but the current financial climate makes a takeover unlikely in my view.

He has been a poor owner, but our demise is partially to blame on the money pumped into clubs like City and Chelsea. We have also spent poorly in recent years.

To catch up, we would need an owner in the same bracket as City or Abramovich. That is the way football is now, sadly.

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