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Daniel Ek

Is The KroenkeOut 🛩️ going to work?

  • Yes

    Votes: 44 25.0%
  • No

    Votes: 69 39.2%
  • Don’t know Jeff

    Votes: 63 35.8%

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Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Have you got the full article @American_Gooner

Feed the homeless ffs.
Most relevant bit:

Yousif Arsenal

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What why?

He could buy the club for 3 B and spend 150 M for ten years and still have 500 M left and being ultra rich. And that is all before Spotify will be worth even more.
i don't know maybe he can but we should do same like Everton with Moshiri and Usmanov. i really don't know how that work but i hope someone get rid of Kroenke.


Doesn’t Rate Any Of Our Attackers
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Doesn't it kinda make sense? It's surprising the tech bros haven't moved into football yet, it's all oil people and American real estate people. Like what are the two biggest things in the universe? Football and tech, right? I might be missing some things out, but you get the picture.

main worry would be he actually supports the club and would get too hands on, you'd hope he's one of those casual Arsenal fans. You wouldn't want him to be as obsessive as we are, he'd ruin the club :lol:


Negative Nancy

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Like most fans Gooners are stupid: they refuse to use the ultimate weapon: the mass boycott. If they did that then they would be in control. I remember when they wanted Billy Wright out: 5,000 for Arsenal v. Leeds! Wright was sacked - at a time when Hill-Wood ruled!!
As for the ESL imagine this team losing to every team in that league (no teams like Dundalk!!). Then going down to 14th in the Prem or even relegated (this lot are that bad!)
That would be it: gates of 8,000 and wage bills above Chelsea’s as theypay off their pensioners. That’s when Stan might actually bother to take a look at football after just looking at the money!!
Most Arsenal fans believe not going to matches would hurt the players. Hence why these idiots will never defeat kroenke. They have no discipline or convictions


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i hope he can do it. but that half his worth we worth close to 3 Billions.

Yes I know. He can if he wants to, and if Kroenke will sell. Also, there's no way Kroenke is selling us for 3 B. He'll ask for above the valuation price.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Seriously joke aside if Dagnote seriously want to buy us now this is his best chance to team up with this guy. Dagnote been talking about buying us since wenger was here.
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