Danny Welbeck: Majestic Welbadross

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anfield 1884, Sep 3, 2015.

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    The sexual tension is paramount...
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  3. Welbeck is a great team player.

    Our attacking play flow a lot smoother when he is on the pitch. He is a fairly strong player, with good jumping reach, good movement and good acceleration. He also knows a few tricks to beat defenders. His attributes are great for almost any tactics, so a lot of managers would love to have him in their teams.

    If the opponent plays attack, he can use his pace to counter. If the opponent park the bus, he can use his height. His movement, passing, and one-twos would always guarantee space created. His physical abilities (especially jumping reach) would help us to keep possession whenever we are forced to play a long ball, as well as to attack and defend corners. In addition to the above, his movement in defensive pressing is as intelligent (and efficient) as his movement in attacking play.

    His only weakness is just that he is inconsistent in finishing. But he offered a lot more than just scoring goals for the team.

    If you comment on him as an individual player, you may criticise him on what he couldn't do well. But when it comes to tactics, he might be one of the most useful players in our team. Therefore, it will be unfair to make direct comparisons of him to other strikers.
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    I agree about his general usefulness to the team, but when you're playing as our main striker you need to be able to put away chances. If Lacazette or Sanchez doesn't play, we've only got one consistent goal threat (assuming the other of the two is on the pitch).

    In the Leicester and Stoke games combined, I counted Welbeck having 6 or 7 good chances. He only scored one tap in. Fair play to him his second goal against Bournemouth was an excellent finish. His first goal he scored was the simplest cross he'll ever receive, yet he somehow hit it with his shoulder, which could have gone anywhere.

    It's his 'only weakness' but its really gaping.
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    Please don't be serious. :(
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    Our best player so far this season.

    Hope the injury isn't serious, although makes it very easy for Wenger to slot Sanchez back into the side.
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    Hopefully it's just 2-3 weeks injury groin injury usually not serious
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    He been our vital for us this season apart from stoke game when miss like 4 chances but in other games he been great
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    Think he was on his way to score 30 goals this season. Shame.
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  10. You don't just count his contribution by goals. It's unfair to him, given that his contribution are in lots of other areas.

    I said it before, as a striker he maybe average, but tactic-wise he is a world class player. And that's why he got so much praise by a lot of managers.
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    I am glad that there are a number who values his contribution. Hopefully he will continue to improve for Arsenal. I mean it.

    He was frustrating to watch when playing at United. We knew he had potential, but he kept getting injured, and his finishing frankly is left much to be desired. Also, he seemed to be lightweight and gets bullied off the ball, but he was much younger then. But he is quick and willing to put in the effort in any game.
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  13. Jury

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    He seemed to pull the groin in mid fall ffs. Terrible luck for poor Danny boy. He looked devastated as he lie back. Shouldn't be too long this time though. Once the scan results come back, he'll know how long it'll be to the nearest 10 days or so.

    Or he can drink some Giroud blood and be back next week. It's up to him.
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    Really surprised to see Lacazette getting stick from Arsenal fans for missing that very tough rebound shot when Welbeck missing a sitter of a header is not discussed at all.

    Giroud absolutely would have scored off Welbeck's clear chance and Lacazette probably would have.

    Anyone ignoring Welbeck's miss of a higher percentage chance but mentioning Lacazette missing a much more difficult shot has a clear agenda.
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    Any news of Welbz injury yet?
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    Now all I need is for Theo to tear his other ACL and my life will be content.
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    Poor Danny - he's come to the right club though. We're the injury specialists!:(:(:(:confused:
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    4 can easily turn into 14 at Arsenal. You never know. And to think some people wanted Giroud to leave.
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    It will definitely be a good test of whether or not we have made any improvements in the medical side or at the very least getting more accurate in forecasting length of injuries.
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    samshere Why so serieuse?

    Thats cause we already know Welbeck's a poor finisher. Lacazette still hasn't established his level. Personally I feel more surpised when welbeck puts one in rather than missing. Love Welbz though, for the other qualities he brings to the team.

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