David Luiz: 2020/21 Performances

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, Aug 18, 2020.

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  3. Manberg

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    His impact last season went underrated by Arsenal fans. Too many turned their back on him after his display against Man City where he came on as a sub and wasn’t fit. Overall had a good season. His impact was massive... defensively, offensively and in terms of leadership. I doubt we’d have won the FA cup without Luiz.
    I’m looking forward to more consistency from him this season, and less mistakes.
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  4. Mrs Bergkamp

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    Cut out or at least cut down on the mistakes and his guidance and mentorship will prove invaluable for our new CB partnership. He doesn't fill me with absolute horror like some, so that will do :)
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  5. Tosker

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    indeed - it isn't all about what happens on the pitch

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  6. GDeep™

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    We finished 8th in the league because of him, and others. He had one of the worst seasons of his career.

    That’s the bread and butter of it.
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  7. Jury

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    Saw your name as the last poster and came to make sure you pissed on the positive vibes :lol:
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  8. GDeep™

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    It’s true though, he was poor until June/July. I appreciate he might be offering a lot off the pitch though, those Tierney quotes are priceless, but he’s a crap CB.
  9. Manberg

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    No he wasn't. You're talking out of your... you know what again. One of our best performances was the 2-0 win against Utd. Luiz was man of the match.
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  10. GDeep™

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    None of this forum wanted Luiz to get an extension and were killing him, that was end of June after his City debacle. I’m just not acting all positive now because we won the FA Cup.
  11. Manberg

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    You're acting negative because of that City game. A game he came off the bench for because he was very unfit but forced to play due to Mari's injury. He also apologised.
  12. GDeep™

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    I and others were negative all season because people like him and Dani were poor nearly every game. Nobody wanted Dani to extend either until June/July.

    People were frustrated about City because he had done the same exact thing in other big games. Chelsea for example.
  13. Jury

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    He's got some great qualities and some unbelievably **** tendencies. You can see why he was kept around, though. I think Mikel puts a lot on leadership and when you're struggling for examples as we have been, Luiz's stock rises.
  14. Manberg

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    Luiz was not poor all season he's been solid. The Chelsea game error was Mustafi's fault.
  15. GDeep™

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    The players were crap, why else did we finish 8th and lose to Olympiakos in Europe? I’m not saying anything groundbreaking here.
  16. Manberg

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    You can say that about the whole team. No one player deserves singling out.
  17. GDeep™

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    You can’t though. Some players actually played well, some are young, some like Bellerin and Tierney had injuries, some were new in the league etc.

    Luiz is simply a poor old past it CB, I’m not going to be positive for the sake of it. He’s going to get exposed ASAP next season, we all know it.
  18. Manberg

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    What's this opinion based on? The City and Chelsea games where I told you the reasons (or excuses)?
    What about the good games he's had? Luiz is well experienced and is going to be an important player for us yet again next season. I'm glad he got his extension. I hope he'll prove he deserves yet another extension.
  19. Macho

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    He came and did what I expected him to do tbh. Have some mares and have some MOTM performances. I’m not sure why you’d look at the defence we had and sign him of all players but whatever.

    I expected him to drop us points so that’s probably why I could deal. I’m not mad that he’s here and he will do for now.

    I’d say the good that he brings just about outweighs the bad. Hopefully we make the right signings and we see him phased out this season.
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  20. RunTheTrap

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    How are people defending his last season? He was poor for the majority of it. You don’t give away that many penalties and claim to have a good season, deary me. Some of you guys have no standards. Some decent games here and there but he’s been a joke. Anyways all I want this guy to do is help Saliba and Gabriel (if he’s ours) to settle. That’s literally all I want from him. As soon as Saliba and Gabriel look good together, he should be shipped out.

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