David Luiz: 2020/21 Performances

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. say yes

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    Think one of the more underrated aspects of renewing this guy is going to be his impact on Saliba & Gabriel. Young CBs are inevitably going to take some time to adapt, and being able to lean on someone of Luiz’s experience and stature (particularly for a Brazilian like Gabriel) will be invaluable.
  2. razörist

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    Will be very important. He has two young students to look after now, playing the same position as him. :trophy:

    Hope we can keep him around after he retires and doesn’t go straight back to Chelsea like that snake Cech.
  3. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member Trusted

    Yeah kind of a slap in the face and conformation that he was just here for a paycheck in London.

    Was never a fan of that signing and that was the summer that doomed Wenger (imo).
  4. Manberg

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    Offer Luiz year on year extensions as long as he keeps performing well. It’s a good way to manage over 30’s.
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  5. Pop Tart

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    Always going to get Jekyll and hyde from him, but he does offer a lot to the team. Depends where we finish but if it is good then why not keep him for another year
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  6. TakeChillPill

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    Seems to be working well in a back three, have to credit the genius of arteta by going from a 523 (343) when defending to a 433 or 4222 when we have the ball and possession.The extra man when defending is working fantastically well to cover his defensive short comings.
  7. DanDare

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  8. Macho

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    lol not good.

    The usuals will probably rejoice, but now we got a bunch of 20 year olds in defence.

    The rob holding U turn all of a sudden makes sense.
  9. Rex Banter

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    Rob keeps Holding on.
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  10. OnlyOne

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    @GDeep™ @BigPoppaPump
  11. Pyres7

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    Agreed but unfortunately he's as unreliable a defender as they come. I don't mind keeping him around for another season but we'll never get anywhere without a stable defense.
  12. BigPoppaPump

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  13. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    Who's idea was to buy a bunch of old injury prone CBs? Now look we got a bunch of crippled 35 year olds.
  14. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    You're just mad I was right again, @ me next time don't be scared.
  15. <<reed>>

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    Can't wait till we sign 38 year old Thiago Silva for free
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  17. krackpot

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    How Arsenal recruit defenders:

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  18. Macho

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    As if I’m scared :lol: I’ve had more back and forths than anyone on this forum probably.

    and how are you right about Holding? He’s still not that great and profiting off circumstances. I don’t think he’s that bad myself -inexpensive to keep around and we need him.

    Also didn’t know you hated Luiz.
  19. BigPoppaPump

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    I don't hate Luiz just don't like us searching through Chelsea's bins for players.
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  20. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    A bit of a loss because of we persist with 3atb then no one currently has the same attributes that Luiz has in order to be the central player of the back 3. Maybe Saliba? But lacks experience.
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