David Luiz-Ceballos Training Ground Brawl


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If you're losing a fight with David Luiz, you don't have enough about you. Send him back to Madrid.

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Luiz is quite tough to be fair, cause he’s a seen as a clown it doesn’t come across. Looks like he actually touches gym and has a bit more muscle mass than your average footballer with a toddlers body (Bellerin and Jorginho etc).

He’d beat up most of the squad pretty comfortably tbh, there’s no way he’d have lasted this many years in the prem otherwise.

I agree with @Blood on the Tracks, it is most likely a minor member of staff or a youth player or some random hanger on.

Out of the senior players though, Özil would have to be a suspect. Especially as we all know very well he knows how to get in contact with the Athletic.


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Looks like Luiz was the one in the wrong. Not in the squad unless hes picked up a knock.

Edit: I'm wrong I just seen his wife gave birth to their child.
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