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Discussion of the reliability of the Ornacle goes here.

Easy Tier 1. My boy is the only one I have twitter notifications on for.

hydrofluoric acid

Many Men Wish Death Upon Me
My grandmother doesn't even know rules of football and she knows the transfer is about to go through when Ornstein finally tweet about it.


CIES Loyalist
Ornstein is still dead solid reliable because he's not going to be making up crap. That said, he also may no longer have quite the authoritative inside scoop that he previously had. I've long thought his source was Gazidis. Since Ivan left, Ornstein has seemed to hedge a bit in his public comments about Arsenal, maybe being a little less sure or less confident in his sources. So Ornstein may no longer be the "club mouthpiece" that he was. But you can still be sure that he's not bullshitting.


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Really need Orny to give us some update soon i know there not ivan for him anymore but he should ask the club what our plans at least.

Sapient Hawk

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Former regime's mouthpiece as was said before. Doubt he has much clout with the new triumvirate. He's been replaced by Ballague & will be more hit than miss going forward I fear.

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