Dayot Upamecano

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Aevi, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Camron

    Camron Established Member

    Don't think he retired. As an investigative journalist he's probably digging up dirt on @Furious to settle the score once and for all.
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  2. redanddread

    redanddread The stone that the builders refuse

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  3. redanddread

    redanddread The stone that the builders refuse

    Life bro - it caught up with me!;)
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  4. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Loves the A-M Mods

    These are the most interesting posts you've ever made.
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  5. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    I try to emulate you wherever possible but I was completely off there.. i agree.
  6. ggunner12345

    ggunner12345 Active Member

    Rugani is more likely
  7. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    Actually it was long before that but I don;t expect your pea sized brain to be able to retain info for longer than a day.. Not even responses to me but several times where you have insulted people for absolutely no reason. You pick fights with everyone on here who disagrees in the slightest with you. Cry foul even after hurling racist insults. Lick bum after accusing others of it. Childish and immature poster constantly stroking his own ego.
  8. Dennis_Bergkamp_10

    Dennis_Bergkamp_10 Well-Known Member

    Is he good enough?
  9. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Well-Known Member

    You really need to stop spamming up every thread with this childish grudge you have against me it's not amusing or fun for anyone to read.
  10. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    Yet another self ego stroking message. Insane. You need help.
  11. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Did you get out early for good behaviour? o_O
  12. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Even if we don’t get him, we’re chasing the right targets now. I’m happy.
  13. redanddread

    redanddread The stone that the builders refuse

    Almost!! My past caught up with me, literally. I'm in a good space but have had a few travails to deal with.

    I've been following Arsenal as ever. The end of last season shattered me. Glad that we're having a storming transfer window. It's been a while since we won a transfer window tbh! Hopefully, it won't be the only effing thing we win this year.
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  14. L3T5 PL4Y

    L3T5 PL4Y Flair Accuser

    Hahaha! Furious the psycho from Jamaica! I actually think he runs on battery and goes to recharge before attacking AM.
  15. 14Henry

    14Henry Well-Known Member

    But at the moment we have Sokratis who is 30/31, Bellerin coming back mid 20s,holding 24,monreal and kolasinac aren't young.

    What we need is good players. Not experienced ones. Rugani is 25 and nobody has heard of him. He wasn't talked about before and he has failed to make any impact at Juventus.

    Now give me a 20 year old who is the better player over the 25 year old worse however more experienced player ever day of the week.
  16. drippin

    drippin Well-Known Member

    Anyone would take the better player over worse player, but for example in this case it means like 3x more money, and maybe not possible with instalments or loan. Some things are not just possible in real life like in FIFA or FM.
  17. MutableEarth

    MutableEarth Bloody awesome NSFW avatars Trusted

    Put him on ignore bro. If I'm not in the mood I just ignore.
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  18. THunter

    THunter NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    Think we're gonna do this.
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  19. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Short man Syndrome

    Me too bro, double announcement of Upamecano and Tierney on Friday.
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  20. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    I do usually but it disrupts the way you see the forum and you lose track of the convo. But you're right, either way, I should ignore flies buzzing around.

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