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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Aevi, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Would we be expecting him to transform the defence or just develop alongside Saliba in the short term?

    Good “build a new team” type signing.
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  2. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    He's a young defender. He's certainly not gonna transform us in the short term. I think the reason we brought in an experienced head like Luiz is that if we do play some of the younger CB's they'll have some real experience alongside them.
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  3. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter

    Love the idea of Upamecano, Saliba, Holding, Chambers, and Mavropanos. Great set of options and overall depth.
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  4. DanDare

    DanDare Emoji Merchant

    £100m 6 months ago... Seems legit

  5. field442

    field442 Hates Journalists Named James

    His release clause will be £51m in the summer so yeah, seems like bollocks.
  6. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    Shame all the links on this come from Mail, Sun, Star etc. This guy is what we need, imagine him next to Saliba, no issue with communication and both young 21, & 18. We can afford £50m, especially with Xhaka going. If we got this guy in Jan I'd be happy to replace Xhaka in the summer.
  7. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Tier 1 Height

    That's my issue though, an 18 and 21 year old pairing in the PL doesn't sound ideal to me.
  8. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    I am quiet positive he is our CB priority, unless Mikel has his own list and convinces the board about his pick
  9. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    I think Saliba would be eased in over the season, maybe Holding & Upamecano to start with. Age doesn't bother me too much if they have the quality, mentality and some good experience. I always point to Tony Adams when people are concerned about age.
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  10. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    I really can not fathom why he'd leave Leipzig to come here. We've probably never looked so unattractive to a player looking to push into the next level.
  11. Dennis_Bergkamp_10

    Dennis_Bergkamp_10 Well-Known Member

    Never seen him play but heard he's quite error prone. Don't we have that enough?
  12. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    He's apparently making £43,000 a week at Leipzig. He'd make at least twice that at Arsenal.
  13. Dutch D

    Dutch D Well-Known Member

    Seems to have the right profile in terms of physicality and passing range, but bit young to be the first choice couple with Saliba. Also seems to make some mistakes.

    Would prefer Dias if we're going all out though, he's really impressed me.
  14. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Turned 21 last month. All CBs this age are error prone. We’ll see it next season with Saliba.
  15. Garrincha

    Garrincha Wilf Zaha Aficionado

    Just seems stupid to invest so much in two young CBs. 80m deep... in a kid with 25 pro games & another with multiple knee injuries. What could go wrong?

    What happened to scouting for less high profile opportunities? Why do we need to blow 50m to improve this poor defence? We just spent big on a CB & LB.

    Shame we never signed Evans on a free. Find an opportunity like that.
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  16. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Well-Known Member

    Done nothing to justify that fee. Could spend thr same amount on a 24 year old who is less error prone.
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  17. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Knows a guy who knows an ITK at Bristol Trusted

    Prefer Zagadou, he looks the real Bundesliga gem.
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  18. Sydney-Gooner

    Sydney-Gooner Well-Known Member

    Left footed too.
  19. Idiotologue

    Idiotologue Well-Known Member

    The fact that Saliba is 18 shouldn't stop us getting Upa out of concern that our CB would be too young. That's ridiculous logic. Holding and Chambers will still be a part of the rotation.

    Upamecano's error-proneness has become overblown as well. He's not Mustafi or David Luiz. His qualities are very appealing - rock solid, quick defender. I liken him to Kolo Touré in his heyday, but taller.
  20. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

    Can we afford spending so much on a CB with our midfield? Granted both are need of investment.

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