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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Aevi, Dec 9, 2016.

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    RB Leipzig not selling Upamecano in January is a no-brainer. They are the league leaders in Bundesliga and advanced to the knock-out stages in the CL. Must be feeling good about their chances to go further, too.

    The question has always been about whether we could get him in summer, imo. We might, if the players makes his intentions to not renew his contract known to the club. If he's willing to sign a new deal, no reason for them to sell, Konaté-Upamecano is a promising duo and RB Leipzig has high aspirations.
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  3. Sammy1887

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  4. OnlyOne

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    Gif time?
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    Confirmed fraud btw:
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    Mate, before you post PM @Rex Banter he's the in-house itk. He is going to tell you all the good or bad tweets. Amazing connections.
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    Not that I am saying he is source but Camden but something up earlier on twitter about this.
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    Just to piss off some posters.
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    Boateng on loan for the rest of the season. Providing there’s assurances he can stay relatively fit.

    Then get this kid in the summer. He seems legit. Can pass, reads the game well, athletic and already pretty experienced for his age. Still a little rough around the edges but maybe Arteta can work on that on the training ground.

    It all makes sense.
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  10. Penn_

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    If this happens it’ll be another Saliba type deal surely? Benefits everyone.
  11. LG10

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    People should look at his injury record before they hype him up, gonna be another flop.
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    Apart from the injury he suffered last season he doesn't have any major injuries in his career and he has been relatively injury free this season so I'm not sure the worry is justified.
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  13. LG10

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    Lots of knee injuries already, top heavy, not worth the risk imo.
  14. jmsmtthw28

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    its only one big knee injury but I guess Arsenal medical department can make a call on that.
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    Barcelona scrambling and getting absolutely rinsed yet again. You love to see it.
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    Rubbish source.
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    Has anyone here actually watched more than 30-40 games with him in action. Theres a lot of talk about how good he is. But on what grounds?

    How many people here watch Leipzig every week? Surely it takes a sample size this big to judge if someone is consistent, reliable, etc.

    Mustafi looked good at times for us. Senderos had good games. However over the course of a season they showed they weren't good enough.

    What makes this guy so good?

    Saliba is already a "potential". Do we really need 2 "potentials" with limited experience at the heart of our dodgy defence.
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  19. LG10

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    They haven't, hilarious how many people are pretending to know him. I gotta say he is fantastic on the ball and physically great but defensively don't think he's anything special. For 40M or so I think you go for him but like you said a Saliba Upa partnership won't get us anywhere next season.
  20. Camron

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    On 29 games here. Can't wait to be able to give my opinion.
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