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Deadline Day: January 2023

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I want that confirmation on Jorginho coming.. a nnonce, now!

Desperate when you're waiting on Jorginho announcement, but it's a desperate situation so what can you do.

I know it's 99,9% certain but still.
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Still reckon we’ll see inexplicable ghostly apparitions of Cedric casually strolling in the background our team pictures. This story ain’t over yet.

Getting Cedric to leave Arsenal will be like getting my 4 yo to leave the soft play centre.

"Okay, time to leave now"

"No, not yet Daddy 5 more minutes...puuuhhhleeeeaaaassseeee"


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I'm more confident in the summer than in January. If we are to succeed with Rice, we need a clear commitment that he wants us, and no one else. In a straight financial contest with Chelsea, they'll win.

Think Rice and Caicedo will be pretty straightforward if they really wants us, according to the reports.

Hopefully we win the league and every player starts twerking for us.


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Enzo will be announced in the next hours. Boehly wants the last spotlight in this transfer window.


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Any particular reason why the sambi (out) thread is closed? Looks like I may be back to sky sports for my up to date arsenal info😬😭

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maybe chelsea would have got Enzo much easier and much earlier if they didn't act greedy and stupid with Mudryk and let us have him.


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Ypur sister must hate Ronaldo then the bike.

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