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Sp**s managed to get Pedro Porro? Should be a top signing from what I’ve heard.

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look like chelsea were too focused on Enzo deal they forgetting to send Zyiech documents just in time. PSG will appeal against Chelsea tomorrw to french FA


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I cannot see leao being an option, who does he replace? Other teams will have a greater need for him than we do.
Martinelli. Trossard can back up Saka on the right, he's effective on both wings.


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I’d say Rice in summer I don’t see is getting Rice and Caicedo. Hard to predict though coming into this window I thought we’d get Mudryk and Danilo, would never have guessed in a million years it’d be Trossard and Jorginho.
And Kiwior. Strange window, but at least it's three players more than last January. I like that there are two EPL proven players, who played a lot for their teams this season.

Kiwior not sure how much he will contribute this season, but I let him surprise and it's another versatile player.

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chelsea were so worried about Enzo deal they didn't anything else likely all their board in portugal today lol.

Potter seem have 30 players to mange for 5 months and most of them likely stay home tough situation


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And with that we have red Official tag !!!!


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