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Isn’t there a url we can only register 3 new players for the next stage of the EL? If so, it wouldn’t make sense to sign someone else unless they’re going to rest players in the league for guys who can’t play in Europe.

Yeah any other new signing means they'd have to leave someone out.
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I don't understand, yeah, Lokonga stinks and should be prevented from playing. But we only have Jorginho as backup. What kind of move is this?
A move to give a player that won’t play chance to play somewhere else? Lokonga don’t need replacing

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Yeah with Jorginho coming meaning Lokonga will be forgotten man.

Seem Fabio Vieira/ESR will be backup of Xhaka and Ødegaard.


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Only 18 month deal thankfully for Jorg. Let's hope it's more Benayoun than Willian.

Still think hes much better option than Sambi.
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