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What is the most realistic scenario?

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So there it is, all over for another year.

First the positives,

I would have liked more money coming of course but we have managed to get 10 players who weren't in the managers plans out and there is still hope with the Greek window open that we may still get rid of Kola and Elneny.

The squad looks far more manageable in size and we now have a lot of promising players for the future.

I think every single one of the players we have signed are decent. I'm happy with the fees too, we only overpaid for the two English lads and that is almost a given these days.

Now on to the negatives,

We have barely improved the team in the short term, I have a feeling it's going to be a frustrating and inconsistent season and I envisage this squad having a lot of growing pains.

Most importantly, Mikel is still here and I have no faith that he can get anything out of this squad.

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I'll take you further back to the first couple of weeks when nothing was happening and people were saying 'well none of the other big clubs have done anything either' and 'its still very early'

Was a particular fan of the Xhaka-out phase.

All our fantasy line ups with Bissouma and Partey or De Paul or even Ruben F'n Neves.

Quite funny how that turned out 😄😔

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"This is absolutely 100% the stuff that dreams are made of!"

Ronaldo added: "PS - Sir Alex, this is for you."



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Why did they shorten the tournament down from two months?
It’s nearly 2 months if you include the time when they leave, maybe 7-10 days before the tournament, then the tournament itself, and then the players will need a week or two to rest. It’s a 2 month thing.

I watch the AFCON, consider myself an expert on that tournament if anything, don’t need amateurs like you questioning me.

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Partey will be back soon but then head off to AFCON for 3 weeks, then will need a little rest, and that’s the season done. Same with Pepe and Auba.

He’s looking at missing two Premier League games. Sp**s on the 15th January and then Burnley a week later.

There are two FA Cup games either side and the tournament starts 8 days after we play City at home which he’ll probably be available for.

We haven’t got another PL game after the 22nd January until the 8th February. Even if Ghana make the final which I really doubt they will considering their team that means they’ll play two days before the Wolves game on the 8th.

I’d be shocked if we haven’t got anyone but Pepe or Elneny still at AFCON by the final. If Ghana and Gabon manage to make it to the quarters they’ll still almost have a week between finishing the tournament and playing Wolves.

Also considering that Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire are favourites Wolves might be missing Saiss and Boly for our game.


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That's true and people will look about how much we spent the profile and age of players we signed are all right and all were part of plans and that good to see it wasn't random and chose whoever and make panic buys we did study what we needed that something i never seen from Arsenal before it was always late panic signing and fill the gap and hope they improve us.


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something i'm happy about White Lokonga Ramsdale Ødegaard Tavareas even Tomi all were linked and targeted in june they not difficult players to buy but at least good to see we gone and got the players we targeted.

Arteta need to sort himself out get this squad clicking he need results if it didn't come and performance keep being s**t then the club should make urgent change.
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