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Declan Rice: The Rice Is Right


but found Hairspray

Country: Northern Ireland
Agreed with OnlyHun

We’re waiting on getting the correct balance and then Rice will return to the 6. He doesn’t give us enough control by himself in the middle yet.


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

Country: Northern Ireland

You can never be the best in your position in the world, while playing for Tottenham...it's just not possible, you need to be tested at a higher level.

Now Kane can make a claim for that though, especially if he helps our boys Saka and Rice win the Euros next summer... backing them to do it too!


Negative Nancy

Country: England
You're like one of the virgins on death row at the club criticising Chad when he takes home some hot girl.

"her elbows are too pointy!"

No one cares, the girls don't even see you.
Being virgin is cool. Pointy elbow are dangerous. Some players are elegant. Redonda was an elegant DM. Rice is crude. He gets the job done. Don’t know why this upset people lol
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