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✍️ OFFICIAL Declan Rice

How long until Arsenal announce this?

  • By Thursday (the 6th)

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He reads the game, he cuts off passing lanes and robs people of the ball at all areas of the pitch. Someone like him playing a little ahead of Saliba and Gabriel would allow us to suffocate teams in their own half. He would make us stronger as a unit, harder to bypass and score against. Rice makes us harder to beat. I dont think he has the technique Partey has, but I think overall he is a better player as he excels over Partey with what he does when not in possession. Plus, if he did join us, there would be more movement ahead of him as we would have more players in advanced positions than West Ham. Tom Cleverly said Moyes always told him not to get ahead of the ball when at United.

For me this is a VVD type signing, yes it will be overpriced, but we are at a stage now where we need to go for ready made players who could transform the team. Watching Saka, Martinelli and Ødegaard mature has been great, but in our present stage we need to make less project signings.

It would also add another quality player in a position we have been very light in for a while. If we signed Rice, we would have Partey and Jorginho giving Arteta options. Lets say we go to Old Trafford, why not play a double pivot of Rice & Partey and rob United of the chance to play a counter attack game, and instead we try to pick them off and see if they can break us down.


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Cue the NPCs quoting this with “Coming Days FC”

We should be able to do that. Were not like Barcelona. Those pricks owe everyone money in unpaid transfer fees. I remember they had trouble paying us for Alex Song over 10 years ago, they missed an instalment of like 3m.
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Seems it’s happening doesn’t it? I really am not sold at this fee. I just hope this doesn’t take up most of our budget as personally I don’t think he’s better than Xhaka right now, and certainly not better than Partey.

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The majority of people on this forum are in favour of Rice. Internet football forums are literally designed for discussion and different opinions so full respect to the people that don’t rate him as highly as others…

True, but also maybe people shouldn't just to the conclusion that those of us that really like him do so because he's English or because of his skin tone or whatever.

That line of thinking is really weird :lol:
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