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✍️ OFFICIAL Declan Rice

How long until Arsenal announce this?

  • By Thursday (the 6th)

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Well if City happens to buy Rice over us, I’ll play my “he is a ****ty player anyway” -card.

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If we get both Rice and Caicedo along with a decent backup for Saliba we are in serious business.

Think we do this, and add a technical RW as well.

Do those 4 players, and we are going to be a problem next season IMO.


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Kinda funny thinking of the crazy money in football.

Depending on what happens we could end up paying more for Rice han Mesut Özil, Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez combined 😅


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Hmmm maybe actually. I was pretty gassed and we signed him when he was one of the best strikers in the world.

So yeah, fair enough.

Always felt for Dortmund in that time, tbh.

They were in the Champions League, but we still took a peak Aubameyang from them and they ended up with Michy Batshuayi ffs!


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Funny seeing Maguire and Sancho up there. English tax is real.


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I think if we are to ship out ESR, it should come with a stipulation that he has to be loaned out to Town for a full season.

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Bored so had a quick look at other clubs forums about Rice lol.

As reported some West Ham fans think he should only leave for a club BIGGER than us

Some think 'sideways move' if they keep him they could get champs league🤣😂.

Sp**s fans are asking why they aren't in for him😂🤣

Toon fans the same.

I suppose if he fancied a move to the NE Toon would be an option?

Anyhow goes to show lots of people on football forums are fkin idiots totally out of touch with reality.

So It's just not this place👍 😁
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