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Yeah the guy basically done if im in his position and keep declining and not enjoying my footballing career I'll retire and start a business he earned too much money to do that.


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Don't think his decline comes as much of a surprise really.

He was never great talent wise, "having dat dawg in him" was pretty much his best attribute...once his workrate/desire went that was him, as he doesn't have the natural ability to compensate for giving less than 100%... similar to our Ramsey.

Loads of baloney that. He was a great talent. Came from league one and fitted seamless into a top 6 team


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That video of Mourinho dressing him down is poingant. This kid is just a knob. What's sad is that he's been lucky enough to be healthy his whole career and he just doesn't care enough to take it seriously. Then you have a genius like Abu Diaby who so desperately wanted to maximize his potential and would have been a world beater and his body didn't afford him the opportunities that this little cretin keeps pissing away.


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Looking at his injury history it looks like he's had 1 too many hamstring injuries

Also it sounds like he's acknowledged that injuries have ruined him


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Can't say I've got a huge amount of sympathy for him. Seems a bit of a waster tbh. He's 27 next month, not like he's a teen.

If he's got issues, fair enough but he's in a position status and financially wise to be able to get the best help available.

Mourinho's talk with him in that All or Nothing documentary seems very on the nose now.

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