Denis Suarez | El Gol Digital: Initial Loan, £18m permanent deal in the summer

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Aevius, May 5, 2016.

  1. bingobob

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    I've faith. This will be done. Ramsey will leave. We will get around 15m for Ramsey. This will be then used to buy Suarez now rather than a loan with an option to buy.

    And this won't screw the accounts because Ramsey has 0 years left on his contract and my understanding of amorisation is that the payment of 15m will be added in full to this year's accounts.
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  2. OnlyOne

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    Nah that’s very unlikely imo. Think Ramsey will leave in June and we’ll loan Suarez with a mandatory buy clause or some ****.

    I’d like him here but I’d like to see us not get bent over for him. Loan option to buy. This will be done though I believe.
  3. Token Yank

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    Stan, Sven, and Saul will deliver us to the promised land. Be patient young Gooners.
  4. Maybe

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    I'm not sure on this one, he does look decent on youtube which is nothing new, but is he really better than AMN or does he have bigger potential than the likes of ESR or Willock?
    I can't see anything special in him from all the highlights on youtube, but if we offload Elneny and Ramsey we could take one squad player that can pass the ball around with decent dribbling skills.
  5. Arsenio Venger

    Arsenio Venger Well-Known Member

    We are Arseloan FC now. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us ask them to pay his flight
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  6. Rex Banner

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    Didn’t West Ham have an obligation to buy loan of Alex Song?

    I think it got triggered after a certain amount of games so they dropped him with half the season left or something mad :lol:
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  7. Dokaka

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    Yup. On his second loan spell here we had to buy him if he played in 15 games. IIRC we played him in 12 and said nah fam we good :lol:
  8. :lol::lol:
  9. grange

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    Why can't we loan Dembele?
  10. Sammy1887

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    Lets loan Roman or Sheikh Mansour.
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  11. Slartibartfast

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    Might as well get Messi and Umtiti on loan too.
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  12. Slartibartfast

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  13. Dj_sds -

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    He had to make a video for that? Couldnt he just tweet it? I thought it was going to be an indepth video analysis
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  14. kraphtous

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  15. field442

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    Mundo Deportivo saying we’re still negotiating but both clubs hope to get it done next week. Interestingly also says he’s set on coming to us because he wants to play for Emery and has rejected offers from other clubs who were willing to buy him now. That would seem to indicate that whether it’s an option to buy or mandatory he’ll probably be here after the summer. I doubt he’d be dead set on coming here and playing for Emery if it was only going to be for 5 months.
  16. neimad

    neimad Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of more intrigued to see how he'd get on here than excited by signing him. It's bringing me back to the Welbeck signing when I thought it was a loan and then bam it was announced as a signing for £16 million and I was weary.
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  17. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    Is that some photoshop malarkey? I don’t know
  18. Camron

    Camron Well-Known Member

    Has to be. Why would this be on youtube somewhere?
  19. Slartibartfast

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  20. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    Who spends time in their day doing this sh*t?
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