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Do we have any world-class players?

Currently, do Arsenal have any world-class players)

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Saka is probably a candidate for the best RW in the world
Ødegaard and Martinelli, I would say yes
Rice I think has been world class, just underappreciated because he wasn't in a top club until the summer
Jesus minus the injuries would be up there, but alas


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I always find these types of discussions amusing. People argue about who is “world class”, but no one can agree on what the term actually means.

Is it a top 5 player in the world in their position? Or is it a player than could play for any top team in the world and elevate it?

If it’s the latter, I’d say Saka, Saliba and Rice are definitely “world class”.

I’d say Saka and Rice are definitely top 5 players in their respective positions.


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Saka is the best pure RW in the world (yes, Salah is better, but he's really a striker lining up at RW for the angles it gives him in Liverpool's system). Saliba is peak, pre-knee injury VVD, just gliding around and making it look so easy.

Rice, Nelly and Ødegaard are in with shouts if they have an extended period of playing at their best, or if we manage win something.
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