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Do we have any world-class players?

Currently, do Arsenal have any world-class players)

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I do still think we need to see some of these guys vs Europe's elite. The real top top teams. Saka, Saliba and Rice are the only three in the conversation currently and even then I just need to see a wee bit more proof.

This. Saliba I can’t really argue with as he looks an exceptional talent with the level he’s reached thus far therefore sample size is out of the picture with him however I need to see our attacking players over a longer period of time especially in the CL.

So far in those high pressured moments towards the end of the season, they haven’t done much convincing for two seasons straight which is why I’m a bit reserved. Surely that must account for something? When you look at guys like Vini Jr, Salah, Kane etc there are no question marks surrounding them.


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The question will answer itself come the end of the season anyways.


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Every time I think we may have one they get injured.


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Saliba is far and away the best defender in the league though, absolutely world-class footballer imo

Its the effortless acceleration that gets me, he can be 3 yards behind a "pacey striker" and yet he's always getting there anyway


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Not too much to be said on topic as i feel like we have discussed this WC tag for our top players and if it is appropriate to call a certain player WC all before. I guess it comes down to your own definition.


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What i do know is that we dont have a world class manager, thats for certain.
Which in turn makes our last season all the more impressive, getting so close to winning the title even in a league that's quality wise somewhere between La Liga2 and Süperlig while working against the manager there's an argument to be made for some being world class.

"World class" doesn't mean much these days anyway. Defensive standards are in the toilet but Gabriel and Saliba are def among the very best still. Saka has an argument, as does even Martinelli at times. Rice is limited but world class at what he's good at.


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Zinchenko is easily the best ball playing "defender" around too. Also second only to Son at crying like a little b*tch.


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We have Saliba, Saka and my boy who are on the cusp. Saka is abit too predictable at the moment for me, i look at Salah and thats where Saka needs to be.


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Saka is world class and would start for any team in the world apart from real maybe. Take him out of our team and we turn to crap. Even at left back he looked like he could become the worlds best in that position


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Its the effortless acceleration that gets me, he can be 3 yards behind a "pacey striker" and yet he's always getting there anyway
He's also pretty good on the ball that you wonder if he could do a job in midfield. You could say he's got a slight weakness in aerial ability if you must must criticize but that's about it imo.


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I do feel Martinelli has the most explosive talent that we have if that makes sense. That's not to say he'll fulfill it but he's done well for the stage he's at.

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Are there 11 world class players in the world according to the strict standards laid down in this thread? For me world class means world class when they are playing. Pointless to compare Kane to Puskas or Saliba to Bobby Moore.


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Unless they’re the best talents in their position in world football none of these players should be deemed world class. Far too early, all of them are far too young.

The only one that I’d say is the best in his position in world football is Saliba. And for me he is already world class.

Saka will be world class, but not yet. Martinelli could be as well, Rice will probably be the next one for us.
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