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threesomes are overrated. always one useless sucker left behind not knowing what to do
There there its not your fault. The other two are over it now.

Given we need someone to hit the ground running id be happy with this signing.

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30M for guy who got 18 month left seem bit too much to me. Aston Villa might be forced to sell in last few days if they manage to get midfielder but for now i don't think this happening. he started 16 games from 20 so he key player for them.

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seeing he kia client there a good reason not to believe this story Kia been doing this alot lately linking his clients to Arsenal already happen 3 times this window with Bruno and Danilo


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Douglas Luiz or rather Neves ?
Haven't seen much of either, except for the odd game with Neves against us and the videos when we got linked heavily


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Guimarães is so much better than this guy; Bruno is also better than Neves. I prefer Arsenal to buy 0 midfilders instead of hiring Luiz. He is mediocre in his best.


Right Sometimes
Don't think its an either or. Douglas Luiz makes more sense now imo, Neves in the summer to replace Xhaka. They can play together.

I see !
But we do not really need a replacement for Partey, but Xhaka at some point. Or at least depth.

Would you get Partey out of the team ?
Should be Xhaka who has to leave the first 11. According to this, I'd take Neves since he apparently does really well right now

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