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Dušan Vlahović

Which club will Vlahovic end up at?

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You guys do like p**zy, right?
Since we refuse to play football atm i guess we will have a lot of time to spend in our effort to sign this guy.


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If we really managed to get Vlahovic, the average ages of front three (Saka, Martinelli, Vlahovic) is only 20-21yrs old. Ødegaard only 24. Experienced players in Squad only left Xhaka, Partey, which Xhaka required to be replaced, Partey doesnt seems like a leader. The young guns will be on their own to figure out themselves on the field
Our young players have more bottle and maturity than the senior players do. That will always win out over carbon age.


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I have a question: Is Vlahovic a mentally challenged 5 year old? It seems like he cant talk to other people or make any kind of decisions so his greedy agent have to do all that for him.
IF you knew about agents in the former Yugoslavia you wouldn't say that. Remember all those croatian stars with agent contracts worse than a reality show pop star? Why did they sign them? When agents have close ties with former warlords, run clubs, and know where the players families live...


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Arsenal have always been the club of the people, the streets. Arsenal was one of the first clubs to really have black players, so it did represent the mass of the UK and how London is. I hope people at the club know that and who are they playing for.

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