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Dušan Vlahović

Which club will Vlahovic end up at?

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IF you knew about agents in the former Yugoslavia you wouldn't say that. Remember all those croatian stars with agent contracts worse than a reality show pop star? Why did they sign them? When agents have close ties with former warlords, run clubs, and know where the players families live...

This isn't 2001 anymore mate


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Very reliable local Fiorentina newspaper reporting this.

Mod Edit: please stop saying papers are reliable when you know they are not, people actually believe you
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Fiorentina plays Genoa 17.1.2022, and Cagliari 23.1.2022. Next match after that is on 6.2.2022.

So we could hope that the transfer comes through after the Cagliari match, a week from now.
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