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Dušan Vlahović

Which club will Vlahovic end up at?

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Don't think it's 350 per week, they'd word it differently.

Over 5 years it's 75k after tax with high bonuses, sign-ons, and agent fees most likely.


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It's no news. The source article in La Nazione is from 12. 1. "Arsenal are preparing the offer, with other big clubs interested", classic journalist dross.

Are we going to ignore this post? Hagn and Lt just post links they are excited about for their followers.


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It probably means 19m over five years not every year. Considering Italy reports wages after tax it would be €38m total pre tax after 5 years which after conversions works out to about ~£120k a week which is a lot more reasonable. There is no way we pay him anywhere near 300k a week.
That actually makes a lot more sense and tallies with the other reports


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So we're willing to pay around £60M for him, £300K a week in wage, plus whatever his agent is demanding? What the ****? o_O
Or is the 19M Euros his total salary over 5 years? In which case that's more than reasonable.


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Vlhaovic's agent in the dressing room yesterday:

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No one could have imagined for a single second that he would come to us. Only David Dein, Sol, his agent, and I knew what was going on. When I called a press conference to announce the arrival of a new player, and Sol Campbell walked into the room full of journalists, it was a bombshell.

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