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Dušan Vlahović

Which club will Vlahovic end up at?

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I haven't watched it yet, but Latte Firm just released a 36 minute breakdown of Vlahovic.

The same Italian football journalist covered Tomiyasu, and I remember him being about right on what has happened. Though I remember him saying that he might need some time to adjust.

AM is gonna love the calendar year scoring comparison to Ronaldo. :lol:



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From the Ornstein article

“That is not to say a deal will be done but they are pushing and my information is that if the 21-year-old is to move in January then, as things stand, Arsenal are in the strongest position to sign him. That is because they are thought to be the best placed of Vlahovic’s current suitors when it comes to both the fee and salary. They could also explore turning Lucas Torreira’s loan with the Italians into a permanent transfer as part of any agreement.

There is a feeling at Fiorentina that Arsenal are not Vlahovic’s preferred destination — likewise teams such as Tottenham and Newcastle, who have also been linked — and a wider sense in the industry that he favours a switch to Juventus, which would give him a chance to continue his phenomenal scoring record in Serie A, but nothing is set in stone.

Fiorentina taking Krzysztof Piatek from Hertha Berlin may help facilitate Vlahovic’s departure and The Athletic has learned that they have also been considering the New York City FC forward Valentin Castellanos. The main options pondered by Arsenal as possible alternatives to Vlahovic are believed to be Isak and Dominic Calvert-Lewin.”


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Vlahovic should get the call from Arteta now. If Isak is an alternative of Vlahovic, we can wait for the last minute. If we can't get Vlahovic, we can activate the release clause of Isak. But 70m for Isak? I don't think so

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Can't say I've seen much of him. I tend to trust the club after the last window though.

Feels like maybe our early interest is being used to attract other clubs to the table though.

Can see Juve putting in some heinous £20m + 3 squad players bid and getting him 😩

Italian football is weird when it comes to transfers.


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Edu ain't messing around. Love the alternatives list btw
I'm not sold on DCL but you've got to say that they are all a similar profile of player; also all ambitious (expensive) signings. Show's that the club have a plan and that they are pushing for that 4th spot this year. If it's actually true, obviously.


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From what I’m hearing his link up play isn’t up to scratch but he’s ruthless in the penalty area. I want my striker to contribute more than just goal poaching tbh. Hopefully Arteta can help him work on that side of this game.

Think we’d be more exciting to watch with Isak.


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Jeez...Josh really convinced his Pa to back Mikel, could end up spending a ton of money this season.

Hope he is good...but we really need a striker who can link the play for Arteta's system, he needs to be able to do that.

Would be very Mikel to spend close to £100 million on a striker that can't play with his back to goal, after giving Auba a huge contract not so long ago :lol:
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