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Eddie Nket14h: Answering The 📞 From England


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Kai knocked down two headers for him and he lost both possessions... if not just talk about shooting

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He just is not good enough if we want to be the best team in England. Not an untalented player but even as a back up he is lacking for a team that wants to be kings of England and Europe. He could be a decent striker for a weaker league or lower level pl team, but if we are serious about unseating City we can have no room for mascot squaddies. Injuries are just part of the game. We can’t afford El neny, Kai, Eddie, or Jorgie in squad. Not if we really want to overthrow the football World. Even our squaddies we have to ask ourselves is this guy better than his bench counterpart at City? If the answer is no we get rid of him for a better option whether it is a starter or reserve


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It's all about marginal improvement in the squad, but upgrading Eddie can bring a huge uplift in quality to our squad.


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He's reverted back to type. He'll score a few goals again soon & fool most of A-M.

I've fully backed him twice, he won't catch me out again.


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I think he knows his time at the club is coming to an end. Almost everyone has singled out our striking issue and lack of goals and him & Jesus are at the centre of it. Atleast Jesus's overall game is much refiner than his.


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If a manager relies on this guy to score goals you have to seriously question his sanity.


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We really have problems.
Position 8.
Zinny is a weak left back and we need Theo Hernandez or someone.
Saka has no replacement.
And something else about a weak bench, etc.
But the problem with the attacker is the most obvious, we need forward. If Jesus gives, if not goals, then a big impact on the team's game, Nketia does not give either. His days in the club are ending. Good luck to him in his career, but it's time to say goodbye.


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People will say he only had 10 mins. But it doesn’t matter. Anyone with eyes can see he is not good enough. Did anyone expect him to do anything when he came in? Even one good play that leads to something? Everything we get from him is bonus


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Think we sold the better younger CF option. Should have given legit mins for Balogun to challenge Eddie this season as games are aplenty


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You dont win the league when your backup striker is Eddie, the chance he got at the end, it was offside sure, but look at that header, you need to get that on goal. He's so **** it makes me sick to my stomach

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