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Eddie Nket14h: Answering The 📞 From England


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I've said it before and I'll say it again - having come through the youth system he deserves some respect and a role with the Arsenal, but his squad number should be 99

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You know there is a still a rebuild going here when we are desperate for a goal and we bring him on.
He seems a decent guy but we need to move him on and get someone better.
Even with 15 mins, he still managed to stink up the place slipping everywhere and his awful first touch. The only thing missing was his mis-striking of the ball for the full house.

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Yeah i know Mikel extend his contract to hope he improve but he still the same no improvement and he older than Havertz ffs.

Just accept 15M and let him go everytime he come from the bench he make more fouls than do something useful even at games that we were winning with big margin the level drop when he came on.


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Him and Emile coming on just felt like pure desperation and no plan, like the girl you have been chatting up at a party is leaving with another guy so you tell a really bad joke very loudly or something.

They barely play anymore, why are they coming on with so much on the line...Mikel can be so weird :lol:


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He's so sh*t that I'm not even upset with him anymore. If I let Stevie Wonder drive and we're in a crash, that's on me. It's not his fault, he should never be put on the pitch.

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He is very limited at pl level but shame with esr and nelson, if you do not play them when contracts are renewed then what is the point. Hardly going to give them confidence when they get thrown in the deep end.


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Kept on saying the guy belongs in the championship, by now most people probably know why


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Yeah man people are bullies for wanting much better return from a guy earning 100k per week
Guy came on with 3 minutes plus injury time to play? What clear cut chance did he miss? He actually could have scored but for some very good defending from Villa. I'm sure he had the ball nicked off him twice.


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Like ESR he rarely plays but is expected to be match fit.

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