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Eddie Nketiah (Out)

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I said in the Balogun thread that either him or Eddie will leave because the agent will want to get one of them out the door whatever happens. It’s better for the club to cash in on Nketiah and keep Balogun so if they firm up their interest I think he’ll be the one to go. I doubt the interest is anything too serious though.


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Keep Balogun, sell Eddie, use the cash to bring in one of our summer targets early. In an ideal world we send Ceballos back and bring in Bissouma, very unlikely though.

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10m seems a bit too low, Liverpool would be getting at least club a record transfer from their usual suspects for him.

Not against it if it has a nice sell on/buy back, mind.
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Given financial state of clubs I wouldn't be surprised if this is a loan with mandatory option to buy. Of course, if all of this is true and it materializes.


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This guy also doesn't deserve any stick whatsoever (have seen him get some on social media). He may not be good enough as a starter, but still think he is a decent squad player, he's scored some important goals for us in the past.

He also works his absolute nuts off for the team. I've never seen an Arsenal forward put in as big a shift as Eddie did against City away last season. If he goes ill wish him all the best, and back him go have a successful PL career.

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People saying, keep Balogun ( Off the basis of 74 minutes of first team football in his career, I'll add) well it's not really our choice if we keep him or not, he needs to sign a new contract.

Eddie gets done dirty on here. He's England's all time under 21 scorer. Yeah his games not fully developed yet, but it won't be at his age.

If we're selling to bring in another CF fair enough, but I can't say I'm delighted about the prospect.

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15-20m would be acceptable. Also would open doors to Bolagun so his chances will be increased. He decent striker Eddie but not really a type you depend on he very limited at times.


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Actually sell all our current strikers, then buy a top striker around 21-24, then bring Welbeck back as a back up after Brighton get relegated...everyone is happy then!
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