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Eddie Nketiah (Out)

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The Palace view:
-IMO this would be yet another striker mistake, not proven, young, and inexperienced.

-Arsenal claiming he's worth 20m is laughable especially as his contract runs out next season and he's only scored 5 premier league goals.

-Really hope this one falls through. Very lightweight forward with no proper run at 1st team football

-If we can get him for somewhere in and around the 10m mark I think its a risk worth taking.

-I wouldn't go a penny higher than 10m and I'm not even convinced we should pay that

-Lets just hope it not another Sonogo situation

-A nice early goal in a Palace shirt could see him fly and his athleticism, mobility and pace give us something we’ve been missing.

-I think he will be good for us. A striker that actually moves in the box and tries to get in front of his marker a la Calvin-Lewin. The exact polar opposite what we have now which is a statue in the shape of Benteke.



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Was happy to give him a chance last season, but he doesn't look very good if i'm honest.

Don't think he is good enough for the Prem, just take what you can get for him...around £15 million (if you include the add ons) is very good for us.

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Eddie still have potential to be fair we all saw before specially for strikers he'll always have chance to prove himself


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Wish we have Kevin Campbell coming up the youth team ranks now ( Paul Merson too minus the booze,drugs and gambling )


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I'd be wary if I was a Palace fan as well but it's actually pretty cheap for an English player of Eddie's quality. Sounds like we had another team interested as well. £11.5m + add ons is a good deal for us. Hope he does well at Palace this season.


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I'd love Eddie to do well wherever he ends up next, good kid. We should bite their hands off at that price considering he's not played most of the year. Plus with Paddy already at Palace, adding Eddie gives even more of a reason to watch them this season.


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Time to sell from an Arsenal standpoint but not sure why Palace are buying yet another #9 with Benteke and Mateta on the books. Ayew can also do a poverty job too
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