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Eddie Nketiah (Out)

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Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️
Some really should stop their career mode here, that we will sign Jesus + Osimhen/Abraham in one transfer window. Not gonna happen.
Why can’t we sign Jesus and Osimhen? We have the money. Or we gonna pretend we have little money. How are we in better position losing Laca and Auba and getting Jesus and play even more games? If vlahovic agreed to come here in January we would have 3 strikers. So it makes no sense we think we need more strikers the season we don’t have European football but less when we do
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Arsenal Quotes

I've got the best goalkeeper and the best centre half. All I need are the best wingers and the best forward. It doesnt matter what the rest are like.

Herbert Chapman