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📢 Rumour Eddie Nketiah (Out)

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That's, like, your opinion, man.
Also, this one gets a pass, but from here on out you guys are getting warned for bumping dead threads with no links.

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Not sure if it collapsed as I haven’t heard anything of the sort but the Marseille fans have protested against the signing. They aren’t happy at all with their club.
Yes and thier governor not wanting him anywhere near the club. But can't see it collapsing


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Marseille surely don’t have the capacity to sign two 30M players? I think they’ve moved to Eddie because the Greenwood deal isn’t doable now.


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Best summer business if we manage to get rid of nketiah and get around 30 mil for him

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Bro how are we not finding a buyer for this guy in the PL. Marseille surely don’t pay his wages + a good fee.

Anyway let’s see, maybe they drop £20m+ on him, I would be happy with that if there is a solid sell on clause.

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Friday, July 19

Marseille would offer around £20m for Eddie Nketiah, but it’s likely that Arsenal would ask for more [Alan Nixon - The Sun]

West Ham are frontrunners to sign Reiss Nelson and a fee of £15m-20m could be enough to clinch a deal [Evening Standard]

Inter and Juventus have asked Arsenal about loaning Jakub Kiwior, but the club will only let him leave on a permanent transfer [Goal Poland]

Academy striker Chido Obi-Martin visited Manchester United’s training ground to discuss a move to the club [AcademyScoop]

Crystal Palace are preparing a £30m bid for Emile Smith Rowe [Ed Aarons - The Guardian]

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