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Edu Gaspar

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I think we got 3 WC players and 2 players that are close. Interestingly, with this many elite players we win no trophies. Half our outfield players in the team are characterized by our fans and larger football world as World class or close to that level; yet Mik wins no trophies. Makes you wonder.



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Xavier is our new scout?
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D1ck Garlick running the show, while our manager gets Salt Baes meat in his mouth on the reg.

This sh1t is what we gave up Highbury for!?
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Tell me one thing Edu has done wrong
He gave Auba away for free to end our CL hopes that season only for Barca to flip him for 10 millions. He has been given so much time and leeway and his main strength is meeting release clauses. Oh and 34 million for vieira hmm


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Can't make a profit on player sales. Can't scout for **** in his native country. Guy's awful.
Went to Brazil and got us Marquinhos lol. I really doubt any of us could find a worse talent if we went to Brazil. In saying that I believe that deal was him giving money to his friend and a sackable transfer on its own


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Ummm...how the hell does any of that connect together?

Why did we ask our director of football to either resign, or sack his son from our youth academy?

What kind of football club are we running! 😅

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Arsenal will demand £20m to sell Jakub Kiwior - a fee Juventus cannot afford [Daily Mirror]

Arsenal will attempt to sign Napoli striker Victor Osimhen in the coming days, but for an amount less than his release clause [RaiSport]

Arsenal only value Osimhen at €75, half his release clause [Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli]

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