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I find it fascinating that this man is getting universal praise across the footballing world, with multiple clubs looking at Arsenal as a way forward and wanting to emulate it, while a fairly vocal minority(?) are calling for his head.

The transfers have largely been successful - not all of them, but the majority. Yet some people just seem laser focused on the ones that haven't worked out. Weird stuff tbh. I get there's been some lackluster showings in terms of selling players, but those players have generally come from a period of you being **** and thus the players were not exactly wanted by other clubs.

Now that you're flying again and doing well, we should see you generating decent money from selling, so I'll wait to properly judge him and his colleagues until after this coming window.

People expect perfection. They also cherry pick the good things different individual clubs do and put them in a blender until it feels as if our club isn't doing a good job compared to this mythical club that does it all.

Brighton find gems that turn out to be PL level. Why can't we do that?

Liverpool in a small window of about 2 years sold up and comers for a good price. Why can't we do that?

Man City are able to get really good players for what feels like a good market value instead of overpaying. Why can't we do that?

Chelsea do well at loaning players out to give their players a better platform. Why can't we do that?

Not taking into account that none of those clubs, or any club mentioned, does every single one of those things well. They do some well, and others not as well.

But people on here expect our club to be the one who finally cracks it does every aspect to the highest level.

Selling, while important, isn't the most important thing to judge our executive suite on.

For me the absolute miracle Edu and Co. have managed is to assemble a squad as young as it is, as good as it is, and as together as they are, and for at least the next 2 years, there isn't a single important player anywhere near a contract issue (time left, or being underpaid and in need of improving)

We're entering a summer where we finished 2nd for the 2nd time in a row (probably at the time of writing) and we're not even thinking about who we might lose or who might have their heads turned.

They've transformed us from a club that used to be routinely cherry-picked, or a cub who let contracts run to a point where we were obviously underpaying players who could be stolen, to a club where the only thing we (and probably they) think about is what can be added.

Like you said, there's a reason why they're getting universal praise from the wider footballing world, and it's not just because "Arsenal are good again" but it's because we're stable beyond belief. We can get who we want, if we really want, and nobody we want to keep is attainable by anyone else right now.


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I think Edu’s done a good job and it seems to be genuinely collaborative with Arteta.

The only thing I could fault him for is the selling record is poor. This is not helped by the fact that we only sell failures really and hoard the best until they are not. The club will need to find a balance.

If the club rated their scouting to replace, then Arsenal could make some really huge statement sales but we only shop players around when they are clearly out of favour.

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