Edu Named Technical Director

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by yousif_arsenal, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Head of football Raul Sanllehi said: “We’re very excited that Edu is joining the team. He has great experience and technical football knowledge and most importantly is a true Arsenal man. He understands the club and what we stand for to our millions of fans around the world.

    “His arrival is the final and very important part of the jigsaw in our development of a new football infrastructure to take us forward. He will be working closely with Unai Emery and the first-team coaches, and will play a relevant role leading our football vision and ensuring we have - and follow - a solid philosophy through all our football activities.”
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    Arsenal now behave in a ‘different way’, says former midfielder Edu
    • Brazilian concerned by ownership style of Stan Kroenke

    Edu, the former Arsenal midfielder, believes the current owners of the London club behave in "a different way" from the hierarchy for whom he played in north London.

    "They have changed the way they manage the club," said Edu. "I'm very far away but I know they sold to the American guys and they have a different way, I think. I will always support Arsenal. I am always watching and I want to see them on the top because they're a massive club and I love the fans there.ène-wenger-edu
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    Welcome back Edu. Now get **** done
  4. say yes

    say yes To VAR

    Impressive insight from the new man.
  5. hydrofluoric acid

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    Until I see interview with his vision and how he is going to get rid of Emery in next year I will assume that he has none and is just coming in to be Emery and Rauls yes man.
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  6. yousif_arsenal

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    Emery will be gone he just arrive here in short contact to stable things he won't stay here forever.
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  7. L3T5 PL4Y

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  8. L3T5 PL4Y

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    Hoping for the best but he doesn't seem very confident......
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    It will be interesting to see how the club operates in terms of both recruitment and actual football with Edu now at the helm.

    The important things I would like to see Edu put some focus and care into would be a more focused philosophy on the footballing side of things - there has to be a marked style or overriding strategy that the team can use as an anchor to work around; and a real effort to bring the academy graduates through into the first team where possible, which should be a lot more possible given the lack of funds to fill the many gaping holes in our squad; and more relating to the first point but in the case of building around a style or framework in our game, our recruitment has to be in line with said philosophy rather than just signing players based on minimal reasoning.
  10. Kingslayer

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    Hope he manages to bring in some top player.
  12. Artisan

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    I saw someone on tweeter joking about the club being able to save money and announce him using pictures from his 2011 stadium tour. Cue my surprise to see that's exactly what they've done ffs :lol:
  13. balthazar

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    So Edu has gone from being Emery's player to being Emery's boss. Interesting dynamics I'm sure.
  14. albakos

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    Welcome back home Edu.

    Now let's get some signings !
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  15. TornadoTed

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    On the face of things the new football structure looks perfect. A former player of Emery and teammate of Freddie, 2 invincibles who know the Arsenal way in prominent positions.

    Let's hope it turns out as good as it looks on paper.
  16. Tourbillion

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    Bobby hangs around outside the gates to Colney seeing if he can come in for a kickabout from time to time, too.
  17. Kingslayer

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  18. Tir Na Nog

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    But but but the German hobo should have been given the job even tho he wasn't qualified for it at all!!!
  19. Aevi

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    Are you seriously knocking Mislintat using the fact that Edu shed some time off of his flight? :lol:

    That's so weak.
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  20. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    Edu also has personal hygiene tbf.

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