Edu & Vinai: Dumb & Dumber?


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What the **** is Cahill gonna do? Why does this club take the cheap route at every ****ing opportunity?

Get someone with experience in to steady the sinking ship. We have wasted too much resource om these failures to keep making the same mistake

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If you're Tim Lewis surely a cursory glance over the last few weeks raises a big question to Edu: why did we give big contracts to Willian and Cedric last summer and they're now redundant and sitting on the bench?

I mean I don't like all this instability but jeez, you got Luis Campos right there, go get the fella.
I thought I read somewhere that Cedric and Mari signings were made due to a verbal agreement beforehand that the club felt it had to complete. Willian seems to be mostly Arteta's work but the Kia link is damning for Edu. It might be better to move Edu on to secure the direction of the club so we're not at the mercy of every manager's philosophy.


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The story has nothing to with Arsenal.
Would be Jokes to be able to scream “3Edu” at the end of games though.

Can see it now, Willian scoring his 1 goal per season and running to the corner flag along with Mari and Cedric to reveal one word each of “Justice for Edu” written on their vests.

Cedric and Mari will probably mess it up and stand in the wrong place so it ends up reading “Edu for justice” and ironically ends up being the final nail in the coffin for his trial. 😍


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The fact Edu has been conspicuously quiet since the Europa League exit gives me a sliver of hope that he's in line for the chop, I'd expect a DoF to come out and give an interview articulating how the club is going to respond to such a bad season. But it's equally likely the board are just sitting on their hands and no one's done an interview cos they're just mediocre at their jobs.


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Edu doesn't appear to have a spine or any kind of authoritative presence. Who knows what his vision is or what his job even is. Feels like he has already palmed off half of his responsibilities to other people. He's almost as silent as Stan.

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The very acceptable meltdowns are due to the fact we not only are competing with mid and lower table teams for players these days, we are losing the players to them on top of THAT

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