Edu & Vinai: Dumb & Dumber?


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I know it's not the AM way but any credit for our signings yet?

Here you go! ;)

It is of course early, but have been impressed with the signings. Especially Tomi has been a real revelation. He has been an absolute beast. No preseason, just slotted in and elevated our RB position at once. Same with Ramsdale. White I am still not 100% sure about, but still early days for both too much praise or critique.


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I am resolutely not an Edu fan, but you have to say that it's looking like 5, maybe 6 solid signings so far. It's too early to judge but think he's due a revaluation if these player performances continue.


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I would wait till mid season before talking about the new signings. Some good performances to be sure but you don’t get judged after 6 games and most of them have played only half of those.

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