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Edu's Considering Transfer Targets: Summer 2022

Are you happy with the transfers so far?

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Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️

Emmanuel Dennis anyone? :clown:
I don’t think he is a sexy name at all. But I would honestly back him to score more than raphina and saka in same level team


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I may be a weirdo but your embarrasment yesterday was hilarious.

Thanks for being embarrassed on my behalf, but you should probably be more embarrassed about actively searching for tweets from a person who annoys the life out of you, on a platform you’re not even registered on. They make documentaries for Netflix about people with those sort of tendencies.


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Fábio Vieira also fits it. He's a LCM signing.
And again, delusional fans putting their hope in a kid coming from Portuguese league who is lighter than a feather.

You never learn... Watch what happened to Lokonga. They are still young and the jump to the premier League is so big to step up directly to the first eleven regularly. They need ADAPTATION. This is not a videogame.


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Players easily available this season for the CM role: Bissouma, Tielmans and Fabian Ruiz.

Players will play for us: Elneny and Xhaka.

And you wonder if they have any strategy. One injury of GJ and we are stuck to same squad we finished the year with Nketiah leading the attack and Xhaka playing every game and hoping Bambi Lokonga learns to run.


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Do we? More than a capable central midfielder or reliable left back? Not that there’s any links to those mind.
I say no. If it were for me I would sell Xhaka for any money and get Tielmans and Fabian Ruiz (yes both) and CF (preferible Osihmen) and play GJ on the wings. With that we could solve our creativity problems and could play through the mid again. Then send in loan Nuno and buy or loan and experienced LB as squad.

Edit: Bambi Lokonga needs a loan too.

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Jesus/Tielemans/Martinez and a Gakpo type signing and it’s still a very solid window.

Saliba coming back too.

No need to panic.

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